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- Personal Name Generator: Generates random fields with Name, Surname, Full name and Sex.
- Country Name Generator: Generates random fields with Country Name, Country ID (id from and a Province Name.

The names are generated using the top 100 common female names, the top 100 common male names and the top 100 common surnames from Argentina.

The Country Generator uses a real list of all the countries in the world and a list for all the provinces in every country in the world.


In order to install the Data Generators, download the last stable release and extract the content files into the following path "{Visual Studio 2010 Installation Path}\VSTSDB\Extensions\CustomGenerators\".

How to use

Once you have installed the DataGenerator, go to your Database project, add a new Data Generation Plan (or open an existing one), select a table and change the Generator Type and the Generator Output.

The following picture show the generation plan screen, and the columns configuration…



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